A beautiful gap, dirty ass vans, jizz jazz, and a sweet sweet voice that sends you into outer space. That’s the hobo chic dream embodied by Mac Demarco.

Where does one even begin? He’s the coolest fucking person in town. Who the fuck records in analog? He does! Who the fuck crowd surfs and steal a goddamn cigarette from a stranger in that said crowd?! HE. DOES.

Have you ever listened to Salad Days on a deck while everyone is smoking cigarettes and hating their 8-5 jobs?? That’s living. That’s prime time living. Don’t even get me started on a road trip with the recent and greatest This Old Dog album. He knows how to do me right, that pepperoni playboy.

We saw him earlier this month and it was mind blowing. The prologue to the whole event was us staying in a fucking motel that had a smoking room. It smelled like a middle aged divorcee came here to jerk off, smoke, and cry while watching the unlimited porn channels. Montreal, am I right??? Anyway, it felt rad as all hell to stand around and smoke but then to see the smoking man himself? Fuck, too cool.

Everyone looked exactly the same which was funny because all these people saw themselves as unique and different but I could’ve sworn I saw Mac Demarco twenty times in twenty different people. It was a heard of black sheep. But black sheep that this fucking genius created.

He just fucking gets you. The way he thanks you after every song, how he records his songs and pees in pop bottles just so he doesn’t have to tear himself away from the creative wave is incredible. He’s incredible. Would for sure get a tattoo of his signature on my boob 80s rock groupie style. 10/10.