Spider-Man Homecoming. A Pastey Review 

Marvel movies have become all that and a bag of chips over this past decade. 3 goddamn instalments of Spider-Man, numerous amounts of Avengers movies, multiple branches off of characters turned into trilogies and they really fucking killed it with this one.

Maybe you liked the Sam Raimi but let’s be real, you probably liked it because you were a fanboy of Sam Raimi, or you died over The Amazing Spider-Man which come on, they marketed it so well and two organically quirky and in a relationship actors?? Hollywood ate that up!

This Spider-Man was different; an unknown lead with a well known social activist/actress as the “I couldn’t care less probable love interest in the sequel”?? Absolute magic! They nailed the casting.

Michael Keaton was especially excellent playing the lead villain, The Vulture. He outshines all his previous superhero roles in this one. Tom Holland, the newest Peter Parker, was actually fitting which is a surprise as past versions try to convince us that a 25-30 year old is a youngster. It gave the character a fresh feel, something new, something different.

The rest of the cast was beautifully multicultural. Thank you Hollywood for not white washing/excluding races in a film for once. Also an added bonus to Hollywood for not over sexualizing any of the female cast. I was goddamn shocked at that one.

The movie as a whole was thrilling, it wasn’t too predictable and always kept you on your feet. The action was gnarly but not an overkill like Michael Bay “BOOM” would do.

It was kept fresh with a near the end twist reminiscent of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man that blew me the fuck away.

This fucking movie was hella tight, I highly recommend 9/10 Pastey Flamingos for sure.


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