Build Me Up Buttercup

I was recently going through all the film pictures I have developed and realized I have a hard on for buildings. My favourites seem to be store fronts and apartment complexes.

Just like people, these buildings have years of stories stored up waiting to be explored. Hand designed by a dream on a lamp lit desk waiting for their mark on whatever city. Pretty fucking cool. Architecture is just cool as hell, I went full on douche about making this sound like something inspirational. It’s so simple though, I just fucking love buildings. I love picturing what happened there, how I would have changed it, what went through the designers mind, and the energy it gives off. Anyway, these are some of my favourites from the summer of 2017.

something about this apartment made me feel at home. I’ve never lived in one like this before, blame it on the energy
the building enclosed in trees was beautiful, nothing like trees in the middle of a busy city
you could see the weirdest shit from mannequins dressed up to obscure pop culture references through the windows of this store.
you can see the building I’m talking about better in the picture below but god the font of the store name was juiceable. it’s fucking beautiful.
the font style of this building blew me away. the store was mediocre so that’s my final review