Last Ditch Efforts: Too Kewl 4 Skewl??

Everybody wants to be somebody, tuition is too fucking high, and I’m a typical whiney millennial!!! (My future autobiography probably)

I’m writing this in a room full of weird art by other people and ourselves while my boyfriend is playing the synth, very retro of him, and I’m debating whether or not school is even worth it at this point.

Education: Super fucking cool and powerful

Being in debt for approx. 1000000 yrs because the economy is fucking shit: Priceless.

Since millennials are killing the phone call and splurging on avocado toast, our economy is going to even more shit and there are no jobs!! No houses to buy!! Oh no!!! But still pls waste your time in an institution with a career path that will make you want to gauge your eyes out.

Times have evolved and we’re being more and more encouraged to pursue our passions and try to change them into careers. Have you fucking seen youtubers? They landed on a goldmine. However, if our hopes and dreams turn out to be complete failures after trying for the summer between high school and university then screw it become whatever your mom is at the school your father went to and call it a life.

After taking a semester off I find myself questioning what I value more; education or creative freedom? The practical side of me wants to pursue a career that I’ve built in a conventional way but the passionate side of me wants to drop everything and make movies and write until my little heart is content. I do find common ground with myself though. I can do both but it hurts to not be able to put my all into one thing. Education is important to me but fuck so is being inspired and living the life I have always dreamed of living.

Until I figure myself out I guess I’ll be performing a balancing act to please the two sides of me.018_16A.jpg